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My Preschool is situated in a beautiful environment; children have great awareness of beauty to be discovered - the wonder of a butterfly, the interest in a spade filled with garden soil, the smoothness of stones, the possibilities of welding a stick, the texture of mud, the antics of our chickens, the taste of a baby carrot or strawberry freshly picked. We interact with nature year round; ice and snow and rain are great fun! These things provoke the idea of limitless possibilities. Smell, touch and taste and taking the time to savour and examine these wonders contribute to the sense of Belonging or Turangawaewae children experience at My Preschool.

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My Preschool -

Children respond to and benefit from the beauty of the environment and close attention of experienced teachers; a welcoming warm and safe place; a home away from home for your child. The beauty outside indicates the respect, aroha and stewardship (Kaitiaki) which children are deeply involved in, promoting a sense of ownership and belonging to My Preschool.

Our resources continue to build; along with much loved inherited items, all further purchases are carefully curated by the team with a focus on high quality toys and natural materials that spark curiosity and potential for the imagination. Plants, clay, stones, shells, bark, metal as well as many second hand, homemade, and repurposed items make up our unique collection of resources.

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We continue a relationships with Enviroschools; seeking their support to harness their aspirations of, “Connecting with nature, exploring indigenous wisdoms, forming relationships with tangata whenua, collaborating with people in their diverse communities, and finding out about their own qualities and passions. Learning and action in Enviroschools does not just have environmental outcomes but social, cultural and economic benefits too.”

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